Cover issue at the Cancers Journal

Cover issue at the Cancers Journal of the article “Organ-on-a-Chip Platforms for Drug Screening and Delivery in Tumor Cells: A Systematic Review”.

Cover Story: Cancer is a disease with one of the highest mortality rates worldwide. Of the current strategies to study new diagnostic and treating tools, organs-on-a-chip are quite promising regarding the achievement of more personalized medicine. In this review, 75 out of 820 of the most recent published scientific articles were selected and analyzed through a systematic process, following the research guidelines for systematic reviews proposed by PRISMA. The selected articles present different advanced microfluidic platforms where cell culture models were used for the evaluation of cancer treatments’ efficacy and/or toxicity. Overall, the use of organs-on-a-chip presents several advantages when compared to 2D cultures. The combination of different organ models on a chip also contributes to a more accurate evaluation of drug effects.
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