Seminar on Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications in Biomedical Engineering

Seminar on Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications in Biomedical Engineering

School of Engineering of Minho University, Room 0.37/Ed.2, Guimarães, Portugal, June 29, 2023

Keynote Lecture:

Computational evaluation of the thrombosis risk in the left atrial appendage due to atrial fibrillation

09:30 Jorge Dueñas-Pamplona, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain

Invited presentations:


CFD study for an alternative treatment in non-conventional aortic regurgitation patients    

Conrado Ferrera (UEx, Spain)

RANS vs LES turbulent flow models comparison in a clinical case

Diogo Lopes (UMinho/UEx, Portugal/Spain)

Flow studies in biomedical engineering using the molecular dynamics approach

Cristiano Abreu (ISEP/UMinho, Portugal)

Computational simulations of oxygen transport in an organ-on-a-chip

Violeta Carvalho (UMinho/Harvard Univ., Portugal/USA)

Flow visualizations in a semi-rigid aneurysm biomodel

Andrews Souza (UMinho/IPB/Uex, Portugal/Spain)

Organizing Committee

Rui A. Lima, UMinho, Portugal

Conrado Ferrera, UEx, Spain

Senhorinha F. C. F. Teixeira, UMinho, Portugal

João Eduardo Ribeiro, IPB, Portugal